Who we are?

LLC SAPROTERRA is a producer and exporter of highly efficient bioorganic fertilizers and fodder additives. We produce environmentally compatible biological fertilizers and fodder additives to support the economic activities of companies and farmers all over the world. Products of LLC SAPROTERRA completely recover fertility of the soil from various levels of exhaustion; they preserve and support health and increase productivity of animals; they ensure production of pollution-free vegetables, fruit, berries, which are safe for human consumption, thus improving quality and increasing quantity of food products.


Our objective is recovering of agricultural, physical, and chemical properties and fertility of dry, exhausted, or saline land degraded because of disruption of natural processes or human commercial activity. We recover the fertile soil layer in desert or arid territories for the purpose of their subsequent decorative rehabilitation or agricultural use. We restore the original look of the land.

Our mission is to improve living conditions for the population of the Earth by increasing fertility of the soil and the area of land suitable for agriculture.


Our motto reflects our values: the best fertilizer comes from the nature and for the nature.


"There is no free food. It is necessary to invest to the health of the soil". With this we would like to emphasize the very important role of land resources in provision of food safety for our countries and the planet as a whole. And also the need to apply maximum efforts to preservation and rehabilitation of soil, regardless of the country, religion, color of skin, or language of communication, because our future on the Earth depends on it.


Even today, all of us need to change our consumer attitude to the soil, which is the source of life and food for the human and all living beings on the Earth. Only careful and educated use of this priceless treasure given to us by the nature will help us preserve our planet for future generations.


Reasons of exhaustion of the soil are various. Among them are alienation of nutritive substances with the harvest with subsequent incomplete return, loss of humus, deterioration of water regimen, deterioration of other (physical or chemical) properties of the soil. Eventually, loss of fertility and desertification are the results of soil exhaustion.


The use of chemical and mineral fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides also inflicts huge damage on the soil. They cause such negative phenomena as disruption of biological balance, loss of biodiversity in communities of soil organisms, deterioration of biochemical processes, change of physical and chemical properties of the soil, decreased resistance of the soil ecosystem to adverse environmental factors.


Application of organic fertilizers produced by LLC SAPROTERRA is the main and most efficient method to return the nutritive substances extracted with the harvest to the soil, which leads to accelerated production of humus in the soil. Products of LLC SAPROTERRA offer sustainable and quick solution of the problem of loss of soil fertility, deliver the extra support that the earth needs to be healthy and fertile. Each one of you, who uses our SAPROTERRA products, contributes to recovery of the soil and promotes organic agriculture and animal farming.


Employees of our company are ready for cooperation with all interested companies and farmers on the matters of recovery of soil fertility, increase of yield of agricultural crops, production of environmentally clean food products, and the use of fodder additives for animals and fowl based on the range of products offered by SAPROTERRA.


Our Earth – Our Home – Our Future.

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