Organic Feed Additives

According to the official statistics, nearly half of all used fodder contains some amount of mycotoxins which cause chronic disease in animals and lower immune response in adult animals. LLC SAPROTERRA offers non-traditional complex fodder additives of natural origin, which have unique biogenic properties, aimed at optimization of metabolic processes, correction of reproductive functions and improvement of host defenses of the organism.

Fodder additives offered by SAPROTERRA are additives based on natural plant raw material, containing salts of humic acids, hematomelanic and fulvic acids, amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and also macro elements (Са, Р, S, and К ) and micro elements (Mn, Cu, Co, Zn, F, Se, and other) in the forms available for animal digestion, which are so much necessary in animal farming and poultry farming. The fodder additives comprise the entire complex of vitamins and minerals, and also a number of proteins which are necessary for full-blown growth and development of farm animals and fowl. Fodder additives from LLC SAPROTERRA have antibacterial effect; the microorganisms contained in the additives produce antibiotics that create adverse environment for development of malignant bacteria or fungi, increase activity of white blood cells in animals. They are non-toxic and virtually don't accumulate in the body.

Fodder additives from LLC SAPROTERRA are a general purpose fodder solution for your animals and fowl. 

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