Saprolife – Feed Additive Concetrate by LCC SAPROTERRA

Liquid SAPROLIFE is a fodder additive based on bioorganic fodder additive SAPROFEED and peat. Bioorganic fodder additive is based on natural vegetable origin.

The use of bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE as mother solution which is added to fodder for animals or fowl, helps to increase organism immunity to external unfavorable factors and prevent gastrointestinal diseases and loin diseases, improve digestion of nutritive substances from the fodder, reduce the weight gain time of stock animals and fowl, increase average daily weight gain. It improves quality of meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE enhances endurance of the animal or bird organism under physical or emotional stress. It was proven that bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE stimulates gas and energy metabolism in the organism, increases oxygen capacity of blood, increases content of protein, phosphorus, carotene in the blood plasma. Escalation of anabolic integration is achieved due to better digestibility of the fodder and, additionally, by stimulating protein biosynthesis in the animal or fowl organism, which results in growth of muscular tissue. Bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE is biological stimulant, it is recommended to use it cattle rearing, chicken farming, and fur-farming, as fodder additive for raising productivity and general non-specific resistance of young stock cattle and fowl.

Agronomic values
Dissolved organic matter
Humic acids
Fulvic acids
≥ 25.0%
Trace elements
Ca, Cu, Fe, Mn, S, Si, Zn, Mo, B, Se, Mg
Benefits of product
  • It increases productivity of animals.
  • It increases stock livability.
  • It is decreases loss of cattle by 20-30%.
  • Absorbency of fodder is improved, which results in decrease of specific fodder consumption by 10-20%.
  • It increases resistance of the animal organism.
  • It has high biological activity, bacterial strain content is over 5 900 000 CFU/g
  • It decreases the impact of toxins in fodder.
  • It stimulates release of the afterbirth.
  • It lowers expenses on purchased medicines and medical animal treatment.
  • It increases weight gain and productivity by 15 to 25 percent without changing the diet.
  • It does not have any allergenic, anaphylactogenic, teratogenic, embryotoxic, or cancer-causing effects.
  • It is harmless for the human or animal.
Areas of application
  • All types of animals, birds and any age.
Bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE is intended for internal application either individually or in groups, in the mixture with bulk fodder materials, fodder, potion, as an agent for improvement of animal productivity.
Consumption from 10g to 250 g 1 kg of live weight animal and bird.
You can request additional information on the use of the bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE from our specialists by sending us a query.
LLC SAPROTERRA offers bioorganic fodder additive SAPROLIFE in containers 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 100, 220, 1000 liter.
Packaging in containers with a customer’s logo is possible.
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