Organic Fertilizers

Healthy and fertile soil is the basis of your future harvest. Enrichment of the soil with beneficial substances and bacteria by means of organic fertilizers from LLC SAPROTERRA is the main and basic method to prepare the soil for cultivation.

LLC SAPROTERRA offers broad range of highly efficient organic fertilizers used by farmers in many countries. Organic fertilizers from LLC SAPROTERRA produce beneficial effect on the soil by converting the soil structure on the physical and chemical level, boosting the activity of live microorganisms. Organic fertilizers from LLC SAPROTERRA restore soil balance by natural means, because they contain the full range of substances necessary for full- fledged growth and development of plants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro and macro elements). Organic fertilizers from SAPROTERRA will increase your harvest of vegetables and fruit, berries and tubers; they improve resistance of plants to climate conditions and technogenic factors. By using organic fertilizers from LLC SAPROTERRA, you never cause even the slightest damage to: humans, animals, birds, bees, or soil microflora.

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