Soil Conditioners

Health and fertility of the soil is the basis of organic crop farming. Growing power of the soil, which is unique mixture of sand and clay particles, microbes, minerals, and humus, is the controlling factor for sustainable profitability of farming businesses and the basis for maintenance of health of the entire ecosystem. That is why rehabilitation of exhausted soil is the most important objective in modern crop farming. Soil conditioners produced by SAPROTERRA INC are intended for radical and speedy recovery of lost properties of the sandy desert soil, damaged or degraded land, and for maintenance of fertility of rehabilitated old arable land in the course of cultivation of field, vegetable, fruit, or decorative plants. Specialists of SAPROTERRA INC have proven that enrichment of the soil with natural humic and fulvic acids and nutritive substances present in our products is the basis for preservation and increase of fertility of the soil, as a result of which you get rich, high quality, and clean organic harvest. In addition to rehabilitation of exhausted soil and increase of fertility of the soil, the use of soil conditioners from SAPROTERRA INC will ensure continuous feeding of the plants, enliven the biochemical and microbiological activity of the soil, and guarantee continuous accumulation of humus in natural manner. Soil conditioners from SAPROTERRA INC are efficient accumulators of moisture and components necessary for mineral nutrition of plants; they are strong ion exchange agents and prevent salination of the soil. Regular use of soil conditioners designed by SAPROTERRA INC will recover and restore fertility of your land.

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