Saprosol is an innovative powerful plant growth stimulator. The active substance belongs to the safe, non-toxic class of organic substances derived from 1,2,4 - triazole. This is an organic molecule that belongs to the environmentally friendly type of fertilizer. The fertilizer is used in minimal and quite effective dosages both before planting (according to the seed) and during the growing season (the vegetative part of plants is processed at different periods of plant growth and development). This applies to crops.Useful throughout a plant’s life cycle, from germination through flowering and fruit production, Saprosolprovides an average 30% increase in vegetable harvest yield and even improves the quality of the harvest boosting nutrient levels

A feature of this fertilizer is absolute safety, both for plants, humans, and for the environment, insects, animals, etc. Nitrogen, which is part of Saprosol fertilizer, is an indispensable element of plant growth and development. A sufficiently high concentration of nitrogen contributes to the potentiation of biochemical processes in the plant cell, thereby increasing the plant's resistance to adverse environmental factors (drought, heavy rainfall, strong wind or sudden changes in temperature). The activation of biosynthetic processes in the cell contributes to the realization of all plant resources that are laid genetically.

Agronomic values
Certificates and Lab Reports
Benefits of product
  • Eliminates soil degradation and decreased fertility, and also does not lead to nutrient deficiencies in the ground.
  • Accelerates the formation of the root system and increases the vegetative mass of plants, due to which crops easier to tolerate adverse weather conditions.
  • Suitable for processing seed and vegetative parts of plants.
  • Compatible with different pH valuesof soil. Acidity or alkalinity of the soil does not reduce the productivity of the composition.
  • Compatible with most fertilizers and plant protection products.
  • Improves crop quality.
  • Helps counteract various plant diseases.
  • Improves soil aeration and moisture retention.
  • Increases productivity from 5 to 30%
Areas of application
  • Vegetableproduction
  • Fruit and berryproduction
  • Flowerproduction
  • Herbaceouscrops
  • Corngrowing
  • Arboriculture, treeandshrubproduction
  • Production of potatoes and other tuber crops
Saprosol should be diluted to concentration indicated on label. Once properly diluted Saprosol can be sprayed directly on to plant foliage, stems and/or roots. Even seeds can be sprayed to enhance germination. Application is recommended throughout the plant’s life cycle.
SAPROTERRA INC offers SAPROSOL in containers 0.5, 1, 5. Packaging in containers with a customer's logo is possible.
We ship the products from sea ports Klaipeda, Riga, or from the freight village in Vilnius.
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