Highly Effective Organic Fertilizers and Advanced Biocomposites

Saproterra is a manufacturer and distributor of highly effective organic fertilizers and advanced biocomposites. It is engaged in researching new organic materials and developing unique soil treatment methods.
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saproterra mission

Environmental Restoration Zero-Waste Production Biodegradable Building Materials

Our goal is to restore the physicochemical properties and fertility of arid, depleted, or saline agricultural lands and ecosystems negatively impacted by natural disturbances or improper commercial activities and develop biocomposite materials that will not create negative ecological impact at the end of their life cycle.
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Sapropel Fertilizers

Sapropel is a silt-like natural organic substance formed by the deposition of dying plants and microorganisms on the bottom of freshwater bodies with limited access to oxygen.
The only organic fertilizer used for radical soil improvement (reclamation) and sanitation. Healthy and fertile soil is the basis for your future harvest.
650,000 cfu/ml
Of soil forming microorganisms
Eco friendly
Neutralizes sail pollutants and promotes new humus formation
Pet friendly
Sapropel fertilizers are safe for animals, bees and microflora of the soil
Humic Acids
Stimulate nutrients uptake and promotes plant's immune system
Minerals and Vitamins
Sapropel is rich in beneficial substances: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, various vitamins (B, E, C, D, P), amino acids, and enzymes
Soil forming bacteria
Increases content of humus, enhances mechanical structure and improves humidity and aerating ability of the soil
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Radical Improvement
Aids the growth of the roots in the soil and acts as a chelating agent improving nutrient uptake and utilization.
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Restoring Soil Balance
Increases content of humus, nitrogen, microelements, and bacteria in the soil. Enhances mechanical structure of the soil. Improves humidity and aerating ability of the soil.
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Yield Increase
Yield of cultivated crop increases by up to 50%.
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Removal of Soil Contamination
Binds and neutralizes heavy metals in the soil.
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Integrated Ecosystem Management

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs, adapting strategies as needed to achieve long-term ecological sustainability.
Rehabilitation Programs for
Polluted Lakes
Controlled sapropel/silt dredging to remove excess organic matter and nutrients from lake bottoms. Increased water lens stabilizes the temperature regimen and prevents algae bloom.
  • Sapropel dredging and silt removal:
  • Water quality improvement
  • Restore ecological balance
  • Nutrient management
  • Aquatic habitat restoration
Polluted Lakes
Rehabilitation Programs for:
Desert Areas
Develop sapropel-based soil amendments tailored for arid environments to improve soil structure, fertility, and water retention. Provide technical assistance for reforestation projects.
  • Soil amendment and desert reclamation
  • Improve soil structure & fertility
  • Prevent erosion
  • Agroforestry and reforestation
Desert Areas

Biocomposite Solutions

Discover the science behind our products and understand how your choice contributes to the global effort towards sustainability.
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Construction Materials Should be Grown in the Fields

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Biocomposites from Crops
Grown in the Fields and Must Be Biodegradable at the End of Life Cycle
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Biodegradable at the End of Life Cycle
Grown in the Fields and Must Be Biodegradable at the End of Life Cycle
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Biocomposites as a Material in 3D Printing Technology
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